To us, it’s not enough to give consumers and advertisers the most innovative printing service the world has ever seen. In the same way we help people share their moments, we’re sharing our success with those who need it.

Giving back is personal for us, as our CEO, Bill Testa, lost both of his parents to cancer when he was a college student. He and Frintz hope to protect more families from experiencing that same pain and loss by contributing to several breast cancer research organizations and helping to find a cure. 

In addition to being a father of three, Bill has also been a youth soccer coach for more than 30 years. From that front row seat, he saw first-hand the struggles with which youth must contend, especially those with intellectual disabilities. In response, Frintz is taking a leading role in supporting children with intellectual disabilities and working to help make dreams come true both on and off the field.

Free prints, minus the footprint.

Frintz is partnering with PrintReleaf to ensure that we deliver the highest quality prints with the lowest possible impact on the environment. Working together, we’ll measure our paper consumption, calculate that into the number of trees required, and replant those trees at certified reforestation sites around the world. Better yet, you can choose where those trees get planted! Just scan the code on the back of your Frintz packet, and you’re on your way!


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