We’re rethinking pictures – and direct mail.


Advertising with Frintz is one of the safest bets in marketing. Every time consumers order and receive their free prints, one of your ads will be attached to one of their pictures.

This is direct mail consumers actually request in advance, and that’s how we guarantee a 100% open rate by consumers more likely to patronize your business. See how we’re a highly effective marketing partner any small business can afford.

How it Works


Consumers visit the Apple or Android app store and download Frintz. It’s quick free, and easy – just like ordering prints from us.


They select their favorite images right from their phone library and click to order.


Consumers receive free, professional-quality prints of their favorite images right to their front door, with special offers and discounts for your business and others attached.

We changed the rules – and the results.

Advertisers can count on Frintz to deliver on our promises to deliver high quality prints, a guaranteed 100% direct mail open rate, and advanced consumer targeting for your business. We’ve built advanced AI capabilities into our software to develop meaningful customer profiles and ensure that your ads are placed with images from a relevant category and opened by motivated consumers predisposed to buy from you.

It’s how we keep our service free, and more importantly, it’s how we’re doing our part to build stronger communities everywhere.

Power to the Prints

Not only does Frintz connect people through the pictures they love to take and share, we strengthen community connections by making business connections personal. We give people more incentive than ever to patronize their local businesses and help entire communities thrive like never before.

See if Frintz is a good partner for your business. Contact us today for a demo.

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