It all started with an idea...

…is how most brand stories begin. A founder
notices a problem, brainstorms a solution, and boom! A company is born.

It all started

With an idea...

…is how most brand stories
begin. A founder notices a
problem, brainstorms a solution,
and boom! A company is born.

Well Frintz is not most brands.
And Bill Testa is not most founders.

Bill spent 30 + years coaching soccer, leading his local rotary club, chamber of commerce, and YMCA, president of a local soccer organization, running his own printing business, and raising a family. He’d seen first hand the joy that children experience when given the freedom to play and grow as a team, and he sat by his mother’s side as she battled cancer. But when she lost that battle in 1998, it was no longer enough for Bill to support his local community. He needed to do more.  
Bill landed on an idea: high quality, printed photos, delivered to customers free of charge. Rather than charging the customer for the prints, he would charge businesses to place advertisements in each order. Customers would be eager to open the packet and enjoy their free photos, and advertisers could get valuable offers and savings to consumers with a 100% open rate – it was a win/win!  
Bill created Frintz out of a desire to do something he’d never done before, but he still wanted to create something bigger than himself and have a lasting impact on the world outside of his local community. Bill created The Frintz Fund to provide support to organizations working hard in the fight against breast cancer. The impact of the Frintz Fund would be tied to the success of Frintz, so Bill set out to make Frintz be the next big thing.  
After securing the trademarks, patents, and copyrights needed to protect his intellectual property, Bill met with Kodak to make his vision a reality.  

One meeting was all it took to secure Kodak printing technology, quality, and worldwide distribution. Access to Kodak’s fulfillment chain meant Bill wouldn’t need to buy machines, sort out delivery logistics, or hire staff to manage the printing. Now he just needed the tech to make it all happen.  
Never one to back down from a challenge, Bill taught himself a lot about tech, and with the power of perseverance (and support from a very patient developer) turned his 10 year, 10 million dollar problem into a company for a fraction of the cost in a quarter of the time.  
Saving money and time at every turn, Bill remains active in the company as Founder & CEO, allowing him to maintain his commitment to the highest quality, the best possible customer experience, and dedication of money from every order to the Frintz Fund.  
The Frintz Fund donates a portion of every Frintz order to organizations working to advance cures for breast cancer and other charities close to Bill’s heart. This dedication to supporting such important and impactful organizations and amplifying the voices of those battling cancer is the driving force behind every decision made at Frintz, made stronger by every order.