Frintz Delivers with an incredible open rate!

Frintz Delivers Even Better Results

The Frintz Experience:

· Place your color ad alongside coveted photographs!

· Customers order free photos via and receive them in the mail with YOUR ad.

· Every customer touches and sees your ad!

· Long-lasting connection — halo effect of the delight in receiving their photos

AC Syracuse Pulse Fans

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With Frintz, the digital world becomes tangible, delighting your customers when they receive their free prints.

Frintz ships standard US Mail which means the post office is required to deliver your ad.

The Frintz package is highly anticipated vs. unsolicited
‘junk’ mail.

High quality photo-grade paper delivers premium brand positioning with tactile qualities that create more meaningful and long-lasting connections with consumers.

They take active initiative in seeking out your brand or
product, leading to rich level of interaction.


Finding Your Target Market

With access to over 400 million opt-in email addresses, Frintz gets you connected with the exact consumers you’re looking for and engaging those customers looking for you. 

We like to think of it as spreading the love… and who doesn’t like that?!

Targeting Data

Frintz offers an ongoing, national data enhancement program that spans all major social media platforms, influencers, bloggers and more.

Hitting the Bulls-Eye

Your ad lands directly in the hands of your target market supported by Frintz reporting methods, data analytics and data appending.

Technology & Innovation

Our technology is complete with profiling data that ensures we reach the prospects that are predisposed to buy from you.

Analyzing Performance

Frintz surveys and queries existing users on an ongoing basis to ensure higher-level receptivity and response to ads and offers bundled into their packets with their free prints.


Advertisers may also promote the Frintz app to their own preexisting, high-potential lists and targets while generating good for your brand.

Program Cost & ROI

What do you think your return on investment will be when you can guarantee a
virtual 100% open rate AND a virtual 100% eyes-on-ad?

ROI Increases with a Highly Targeted List

With Frintz you have access to highly targeted customer lists which is superior to mailing to zip codes or a general contact database.

ROI Increases with oversized envelopes and Calls to Action on or inside packaging

The Frintz envelope is oversized at 6.5 x 12.5 inches, with a high quality design. AND with the customer’s prints inside – is there a better reason to get an envelope? We don’t think so.

ROI increases with accurate mailing

Prospects can only receive free prints if their contact information on their Frintz profile is correct, so our mailing lists are highly accurate.

ROI Increases With Exceptional Open Rates

Most direct mail stats show single digit open rates with unsolicited direct mail, so when you calculate cost of direct mail, consider opening rates.

What percentage of return do you expect if a prospect who fits your target market opens your packet and looks at your ad virtually 100% of the time?

If you pay $0.45 per packet to be in a ‘Free Prints from Frintz™’ envelope with a distribution of 10,000 letters, mailers, or postcards – with a virtually 100% open rate – you pay only $0.45 per impression. That’s a whopping 90% ROI, how can you beat that?

Compared to Alternate Direct Mail Methods:

The Frintz Value Proposition


Free shipping, no hidden costs =
20 photos completely free with
each Frintz delivery!!

By combining your message with
their FREE PRINTS, customers will
hold your ad in their hands – 100%
of the time guaranteed!

Advertisers benefit from the halo
of customer delight with every
Frintz packet opened

ROI Increases When Delivery is

Guaranteed in a Timely Fashion

The Frintz packet is delivered standard mail, which the post office guarantees will get delivered.

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